Tuesday, April 9, 2013

31-32 Weeks // Single Digits

31 Weeks and ready for Cardio Dance!

32 Weeks—Girls Night Out!

The due date countdown has now reached single digits. This is really happening, y'all! We're going to be a family of four, like, soon. I'm slightly nervous about the first few weeks, but I'm confident we'll figure it all out. We did it once before, we'll do it again. Plus, we'll have my mom here to help and Kiki's coming, too! I'm getting a little more excited and a little more scared by the day about having a girl. I cannot wait to dress L!!!

Weight Gain: No clue. I quit looking at the doctor, and scales are forbidden in this house.

Maternity clothes? YES! I am wearing everything maternity at this point except workout shorts/pants and the occasional maxi/stretchy dress. I even broke down and bought maternity workout tops, which should arrive in my mailbox any day now.

Sleep: Still OK to decent. Not waking up much in the night. My lower back is sore when I wake up.

Best moments lately: Getting L's nursery and dresser painted, her "new" glider being finished, lots of movement from her!

Food cravings: Smoothies, salads, tuna melts, iced tea, cooked sushi.

Food aversions: Sometimes meat.

Pregnancy symptoms: Lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain, frequent bathroom trips, fatigue.

Exercise: I'm still at it 3-4 times a week! Doing a mixture that varies of my MOMS class, Cardio Dance, and my prenatal pilates DVD. I am convinced this has kept the swelling at bay and the reason I am still feeling relatively good these days.

What I miss: Champagne, red wine, raw sushi, medium rare filets, my waistline, buying cute non-maternity clothes, my regular Spring/Summer wardrobe, and being able to shop at my favorite stores.