Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Raspy McCougherson

Poor B. Bless his little heart. He woke up from his afternoon nap yesterday with an ugly sounding cough. Of course, at first I freaked out and was thisclose to driving him straight to the pediatric urgent care down the road (it sounded that bad to me), but Barry convinced me to call our doctor's office first. So, after speaking with the lovely nurse, we are medicating with honey, a humidifier and ibuprofen. He doesn't have a fever--yet, but I am keeping an eye on him.

When he woke up this morning, his little voice was so raspy and deep. It's pitiful and cute at the same time. We are sticking close to home this week to be safe. I don't want to be that mom that infects a whole slew of other Childwatch kids even though he doesn't have a fever. That's probably how we got into this mess in the first place.

As of now, it's 3 am, and I've been up since 2 listening out for nighttime coughs (there have been a few). I hate it when my baby is sick! It breaks my heart! Here's to hoping he feels better soon!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Amanda's Baby Shower

Saturday afternoon, Brittany and I drove to Albemarle for a baby shower for our longtime friend, Amanda Muse. We had a great time celebrating Amanda and baby Clyde and catching up with some of our best friends! The food was delicious (especially the cupcakes!), the company was amazing and Amanda and Clyde got tons of great goodies! I can't wait until Clyde makes his debut!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011


It's dinner time, and I'm sitting here with Branner while he eats. His new favorite trick? To offer Barry or I a piece of his food, then when we act like we're going to eat it, to shove it in his own mouth. He finds this hilarious!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big Boy Bike Ride

Branner's New Ride

If y'all know us, like REALLY know us, then you are aware that Barry can't sit still for two seconds. He always has to be doing something (unlike me, I can sit on my couch and veg for hours, but it's not like I have tons of opportunities to). He always has to be going somewhere, doing this and that or trying something new. He has been talking about buying Branner a bike seat forever. He pulled the trigger on it on Saturday. Now that the weather is warm fairly consistently, he is ready to cruise with B all over our neighborhood and the greenway. Hey, better him than me, and I excercise (a lot) more than he does. Still don't think I could bike with an extra 20-25 pounds on the back of my bike. They have been on bike rides every evening for three days now. B loves it, and he looks so darn cute in his helmet, I can't stand it. Is this the first step of my sweet mommy's boy becoming daddy's buddy????

Friday, March 18, 2011

Silhouette Portrait

Branner's Silhouette

Gigi's Mother's Day present has been marked off my list!

While my parents watched Branner the weekend we were in Miami (before the stomach bug struck), they took him to our favorite toy store, Toys and Co. My mom noticed that they were having Clay Rice come to do silhouette portraits and told me about it. I immediately called and scheduled our appointment for today.

After arriving a little early and playing with almost every toy in the store, it was our turn! I am SO PLEASED/EXCITED with the portrait. It is so adorable and special that it literally brings tears to my eyes. I cannot wait to have both mine and my mom's matted and framed. I cannot wait to find the perfect spot to hang it in our house!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

14 Months

Have two months passed since Branner turned one??!! Is it almost (in five days, not that I'm counting) Spring? Wow! There time goes, slipping away again. Branner is another month older, and we are enjoying him more than ever! His has a funny, sweet, BIG personality! He has never met a stranger. He LOVES being in the spotlight and getting attention from anyone and everyone who wants to give it to him! Though having a toddler is a lot more work and requires constant use of the word "no" and running and chasing abilities I never knew I had, IT IS SO MUCH FUN!

Likes: Walking, running, playing, talking, climbing, puzzles, reading, baths and bath toys, emptying drawers, making a mess of his playroom, his firetruck wagon--especially beeping the horn and turning the steering wheel, playing outside, trips to the park, swinging, going down the slide, loving on Bailey and Chloe, making Barry and I laugh, laughing himself, clapping, waving, dancing, giving high fives (he has been able to do this for a long time, but really thinks it's more fun/funny these days for some reason), balloons, free Harris Teeter sugar cookies, mimicking and imitating people and sounds, playing with other children, Childwatch at the Y (he leaps out of my arms and can't wait to get in and play), balls, trains, "hiding" Barry and I's things (ie: phones, etc, that he hijacks and puts in the most random places)...there aren't many things he doesn't like.

Dislikes: Having his hair washed (not sure why this all of a sudden bothers him, but it does), being told "no," not being able to play in the toilet water/with the toilet scrubber.

Food: Whole milk, assorted fruits, veggies and meats, cereal bars, waffles, pancakes, Goldfish crackers, COOKIES (Vanilla Wafers), pierogies, homemade breads, the list goes on and on. He isn't necessarily a picky eater, but he doesn't eat large amounts.

We are looking forward to warm, sunny weather and fun times spent outside with our little guy. Welcome, Spring! We love you and we can't wait to enjoy all you have to offer with our sweet Branner!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Sorry to have been MIA! Updates coming soon! Spring is in the air and the Kirbys are loving it!!!