Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sick Baby

This past weekend, we experienced another "first". However, this one was not so pleasant. Branner had his first fever. When he got up from his morning nap, he was radiating heat. I could tell just by picking him up that he was running a fever. Out came the thermometer, and it was confirmed. His temperature was 101. Our doctor's office is open on Sundays, but this was at 10:50, and they closed at 11. Luckily, Barry and I had already broken out our baby Bible, "Baby 411," and felt comfortable per the advice in the book not taking him to an urgent care center. We gave him Tylenol and decided to wait it out. He still had a fever Monday morning, but I spoke with a triage nurse, and she did not recommend that Branner come in unless his fever persists for more than 3 days. His fever broke on Monday, and he seems to be on the mend. Poor guy!!

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