Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Dream

The gender of this baby is really throwing me for a loop. This pregnancy has been a little different. But all pregnancies are different, so I'm not reading anything about gender into that. 

With Branner,  I was convinced that I was having a girl. Probably because I thought I would know what to do more with a girl. I am super girly. Plus, their clothes are cuter, so wishful (shopping) thinking. Now, I'm scared I won't know what to do with a girl because I'm just so used to having a boy!  I mean, I have shopping for clothes for either gender down pat, but the rest of it? I'm in boy mode. Ever since having B, I've had the thought I'll be a "boy mom." Now, I'm completely unsure if this will be the case.

The day of B's anatomy ultrasound, I had a very vivid dream. In this dream, during my ultrasound we found out the baby was a boy. Lo and behold, that's exactly what played out. I keep waiting for my epiphany about this baby. Hasn't happened yet. It almost did last night, when I had a vivid dream about the birth (via c-section, so even though my doctor thinks that is the best option for my situation, and I have been 99% sure I agreed, now I'm conviced!). However, I woke up and realized that after the entire birth played out, no one ever mentioned the sex of the baby!

Almost everyone except one of my clients and my childhood BFF think I'm having a girl. I'm not convinced either way. Our anatomy scan is January 2nd, and we're going to do a very small reveal. But, until then, what's your guess?! I'm seriously going to be shocked...boy or girl!


  1. I remember feeling the exact same way-- what in the world would I do with a little girl? Having A little girl honestly....scared me. Going into my ultra sound, I just KNEW they were going to say, "Well there she is!!" and I would go, "Yep, I know." and begin frantically trying to figurevout how to go from "boy mom mode"....into unknown mom territory.
    But when they said, "well there IT is!"
    And I said "there WHAT is?!"
    And they showed me the "turtle head"..... I was in shock!!!!
    My pregnancy with Tate was SO MUCH different than Colton's. So i was thrown for a loop.
    The way I see it, God gives us exactly what we need. So on January 2nd, you'll have the special privilege to know how your lives will be forever changed. An he/she will be exactly what you need.
    So exciting!!!!
    I won't guess a gender since I'm apparently terrible at it! But I am so excited for You to find out!!

    1. I could really, really care less either way, but for some reason I am scared of having a girl, too! I'm not guessing, either, because I'm terrible at it as well! Less than a month to go. Second time sure does fly by!


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