Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weeks 33-38 // Random Thoughts and The End

Top Row: Weeks 33-35
Middle Row Weeks 36-37
Bottom Row: Week 38

Well, here we are, just days away from Leighton's birth. After one missed bumpdate post, I got overwhelmed and took a little long break from the blog. I also had 4,748 things to get done, so it worked out. My lengthy to-do list has been completed. The nursery is finished (minus three pieces of dresser hardware that are en route--Barry accidentally ordered all hardware the same size, when the top three drawers required a smaller piece). Hospital bags are packed. My house is clean and organized. We are stocked up on all necessary household goods (and unnecessary ones, too). I've done my grocery and Target shopping for the week. We're as ready as we're going to get.

My mom comes to town tomorrow afternoon. We'll celebrate my birthday at some point Wednesday or Thursday. Right now, I'm just trying to make sure Branner is having fun and spending my time soaking him up. I'm trying not to think too much about Friday. I don't want to get nervous or scared or anxious. The only surgeries I've ever had are my wisdom teeth removed (does that even count?) and my other "emergency" c-section. So, knowing that I'm going in for a procedure could be a little scary if I allowed myself to think too much about it. My plan is to roll with the punches and worry about things once she's here. I'll have help for at least two weeks.

I saw my doctor for the last time before L's birth last Friday. Everything looks great. According to her, my weight gain is perfect, my blood pressure is great, and I'm measuring right on target (I was measuring ahead with B at 37 weeks, and he ended up being huge, so this was somewhat comforting). We talked about the scheduled c-section procedure. I feel so good about my decision. She told me she truly thinks it's the best thing for my situation and is actually glad I didn't choose to attempt a VBAC even though I am a good candidate. With Branner's size and complications, it's not a risk I am interested in taking. If you've labored and pushed only to end up in surgery, you understand what I'm talking about. It's not pretty and recovery isn't fun. I need to avoid that at all costs with another little one at home to take care of.

Lately, I haven't really felt up to the gym or working out. So, I'm giving myself a break. I think I need (and deserve) it! I busted my ass this time in the gym, and it certainly paid off. I have had a much, much easier pregnancy all around, and I credit it to making my fitness a huge priority this go 'round. I plan to pick it back up, ASAP, too! I'm already looking forward to going back to Cardio Dance and getting back into using weights like I was.

The past several weeks, I've been wearing mainly maternity clothes plus several of my regular maxi dresses that are somehow working with the bump. I've already ordered a couple new maxis for after L's arrival. I plan to live in maxis all summer long.

Overall, this pregnancy has been much easier than B's. I'm so thankful. We can't wait to meet our girl on Friday! By the end of this week, our family will be complete, and that is a super exciting thought!

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