Wednesday, February 15, 2012

For Sale

I haven't mentioned it here, but our house has officially been on the market for (almost) a week. YAY! Now, somebody buy it so Barry can buy me a new (to us) house!

Anyway, as my luck would have it, crazy things have happened. I know, right?! It's only been on the market a few days, and here are some of our experiences...

1. Our realtor held an Open House Sunday afternoon. A man who is selling his house down the street decided to come. He proceeded to piss my realtor off by telling the other people there that we didn't remodel the kitchen, it was done before we moved in (I'm not sure what that has to do with anything. We never said we remodeled it.), asked my realtor REALLY LOUDLY if she actually thought we could get what we were asking for it (to which she replied, "Sir, if I didn't think we could get what we are asking for it, I would not have listed it at that price.") and tried to get some of the people looking at our house to come look at his. The funny thing is, he listed his house at the same price two years ago (yes, you read that right--two years ago), when he first put it up on the market. His kitchen nor his bathroom nor anything in his house has been updated. Not sure why he is so concerned with our house.

2. The centralized scheduling company that is being used to book our showings had our realtor's number listed wrong. Whoever has this number declined two of our showings. Luckily, our realtor is super-duper-on-top-of-things, so the showings still happened. Good thing we communicate so much, or we could have missed out on those buyers seeing our house!

3. The kicker. SOMEONE STOLE THE REAL ESTATE SIGN OUT OF OUR FRONT YARD LAST NIGHT. For real. None of my realtor friends nor our agent have ever had this happen before.

I swear, I could not make this stuff up! I will keep you all posted on further ridiculous/hilarious happenings!


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