Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Goodbye, Sweet Dylan

Today was a hard, sad day for me. I had to put my sweet "baby" cat, Dylan to sleep. I am devastated. Those of you who are close to me know how much I loved this cat. He slept at the foot of my side of the bed every night. I miss him already, but he was very sick, and we never knew it.

This morning he was hanging his head in an odd way, so Barry took him to the vet. I met him there once my sitter arrived and the painful decision making process and exploring of the facts began. The bottom line was that he wasn't going to get better. I have never seen him so sick or pitiful as he was today. I could not let him suffer. It broke my heart, and MANY tears were shed, but I had to put him to sleep. I stayed with him and held him through the whole thing. I am glad he didn't suffer for long.

Branner was my light at the end of the tunnel. Him being too little to understand what had happened or that Dylan was even gone eased my pain some because he carried on playing, laughing and being happy this afternoon as usual. He helped take my mind off of everything and helped me have a surprisingly good day in spite of it all.

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