Monday, February 7, 2011

Miami Getaway!

Our hotel--The Mayfair

Rooftop Pool and Bar at The Mayfair


Barry and I's first weekend away from Branner together is coming up! We leave this Friday morning, and arrive in warm and sunny Miami before lunch. We have spent a few nights away from Branner, separately and together, but we haven't spent a whole weekend away at the same time yet.

Barry planned and set the whole thing up with my mom and then let me pick our destination once the logistics had been ironed out. I wanted to go to NYC, but February in NY is not exactly mild, so I went with somewhere a little warmer. We are staying at The Mayfair Hotel and Spa, and have dinner reservations at Bond St. on Friday and Prime 112 on Saturday thanks to the recommendations of several people including my dad. We're planning on having lunch and a couple of drinks at the famous Joe's Stone Crab upon our arrival Friday and we are going to shop, shop, shop and get a couple's massage Saturday afternoon. Ahhhhhh, vacation! I can't wait!

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