Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stomach Bug: 3, Kirbys: 0

We have had our first (I'm sure of many) brush with the dreaded stomach bug--EEEWWW! Poor Branner and my parents, they all had it while Barry and I were away having fun in Miami. My mom didn't tell me until I got back because she didn't want to ruin our trip. So thoughtful! I felt so bad that they had all been sick and they said it was terrible. Barry and I woke up Monday feeling fine and went about our days as normal (see V-day post).

I started feeling nauseous Monday night. I went to sleep and hoped it would go away. Barry was up in the middle of the night sick. I awoke with Branner on Monday and just felt AWFUL. This is a nasty bug, and it seems to be going around everywhere. I took care of B in the morning, and Barry felt a little better in the afternoon (when I was MISERABLE) and took care of him then so I could rest. We were both in bed around 7 last night. Luckily, I feel better today and Barry is back at work. Whoa, that was rough!!!!

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