Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big Boy Bike Ride

Branner's New Ride

If y'all know us, like REALLY know us, then you are aware that Barry can't sit still for two seconds. He always has to be doing something (unlike me, I can sit on my couch and veg for hours, but it's not like I have tons of opportunities to). He always has to be going somewhere, doing this and that or trying something new. He has been talking about buying Branner a bike seat forever. He pulled the trigger on it on Saturday. Now that the weather is warm fairly consistently, he is ready to cruise with B all over our neighborhood and the greenway. Hey, better him than me, and I excercise (a lot) more than he does. Still don't think I could bike with an extra 20-25 pounds on the back of my bike. They have been on bike rides every evening for three days now. B loves it, and he looks so darn cute in his helmet, I can't stand it. Is this the first step of my sweet mommy's boy becoming daddy's buddy????

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