Friday, March 18, 2011

Silhouette Portrait

Branner's Silhouette

Gigi's Mother's Day present has been marked off my list!

While my parents watched Branner the weekend we were in Miami (before the stomach bug struck), they took him to our favorite toy store, Toys and Co. My mom noticed that they were having Clay Rice come to do silhouette portraits and told me about it. I immediately called and scheduled our appointment for today.

After arriving a little early and playing with almost every toy in the store, it was our turn! I am SO PLEASED/EXCITED with the portrait. It is so adorable and special that it literally brings tears to my eyes. I cannot wait to have both mine and my mom's matted and framed. I cannot wait to find the perfect spot to hang it in our house!!!

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  1. Hey Ashley! This was the only way I could find to drop you a quick note. I wanted to get in touch about you doing a guest blogger post on Momsie. Email me if you are interested!


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