Friday, April 29, 2011

The Eczema Experience

Since last June, we have been trying to clear up Branner's eczema. We have consulted with his pediatrician's office and an allergist on multiple occasions. We have tried several different prescription drugs. We have applied countless lotions to find the best and our favorite. For the record, we like Eucerin's Aquafor and CeraVe. In our experience with this, all of the prescriptions we have tried have worked...for a little while. After a few weeks or months, though, the scaly red patches have been coming back. We thought we had hit the eczema jackpot with the last prescription--an oil--from our pediatrician, but it stopped working after a couple of months.

Our next step? To see a dermatologist. I just went in for a mole scan (and anti-aging consult--hey, I'm almost 30) at Darst Dermatology, and now Branner has become a patient there, too. We are on a two week regimen of Triamcinolone Acetonide cream and will use Elidel cream from here on out. Dr. Darst is confident that this approach will finally rid B of his problem--which he called, "The worst case of eczema we've ever seen on a Caucasian child," once and for all. Cross your fingers for us!

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