Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tables + Tantrums = Trip to the Mall

I wasn't going to write about this. But, the whole point of my blog is to document Branner's life so we can look back on this random/funny/mundane/crazy collection of moments one day and laugh together about them. I also like to keep it real, and this is as real as it gets.

My mom came down on Sunday to spend the night so that we could take Branner shopping for a few things to add to his spring/summer wardrobe and to look at a table and chair set from Pottery Barn Kids. The set being for his playroom from my parents for his birthday (which I have been putting off getting because I haven't really started the room, but if this isn't motivation, I don't know what is). We had a normal morning and left for the mall a little before 11.

We started at Ann Taylor Loft. My mom and I had looked around for about 2 minutes when things started to go south. Branner started getting rambunctious in his stroller. I told my mom to go ahead and try on the two pairs of pants she wanted to, and that I would walk him around outside the store while she did, but she decided to wait. We (nervously on my part), proceeded to Pottery Barn Kids. They didn't have the table/chair set I wanted in stock, so we were on to our next stop, Janie and Jack (my favorite!). Branner was really on a tear. We barely had time to look/decide on sizes before he was screaming to get out of the stroller. Luckily, the saleslady was super nice and did not make me feel bad for his behavior. I let him out and tried to walk around the store with him, but he wanted down and kept running away from me into the middle of the mall. After chasing him down a couple of times, I got him back in the stroller and we left for Pottery Barn. He lasted about 2.5 seconds in that store. I took him to a seat grouping in the middle of the mall and planned to let him wander around, so I put my purse down in a chair. He got me so flustered, that I walked off with my purse still on the chair. We made it all the way out to the car (with Branner walking, NOT in the stroller), and I had to turn around and basically run back into and through the mall because I was in a panic over my purse. Luckily, it was still in the chair I left it in with everything including cash and my iphone still in it. WHEW!!!! I don't think I'll be attempting a mall trip again with B in the near future!


  1. Oh wow, girl! I think a trip to "Wine Down Wednesdays" is in order for you SOON!!! Poor thing, thank goodness you had your mom there to help you keep your sanity. I havent experienced this yet, but I'm sure he's not far behind Branner. Colton already knows exactly what he wants...and it's usually whatever Mommy and Daddy DONT want him to do. I hope your next outing is smoother!

  2. I was SOOO GLAD my mom was with me!!!!! She was my saving grace! B is usually fine. I'm not sure why he was so, um, spirited that day, but I know there will be many, many, many........more tantrums in the future, so I know I'd better get used to it and work on getting really good at diffusing them. My mom and I are trying to plan a Wednesday for me to come down to go to "Wine Down"! I really hope it works out!!!!


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