Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kids in Motion

This afternoon, we took Branner to Kids in Motion, which is a festival centered around automobiles and vehicles (which B LOVES) and all kinds of activities and games that the Junior League puts on. As a League member, of course I wanted to attend to support our Healthy Child Initiative, and it was a major plus that Branner could have some fun and we could eat some delicious food, too!

We walked around and saw some really cool cars and trucks--police cars, fire trucks, motorcycles and even a SWAT van! Branner really enjoyed exploring all the different vehicles and running around. Barry and I enjoyed some delicious Mac's BBQ, and of course we always love to watch our precious boy have a good time! He really wore himself out, because here's what happened on the way home:

We will definitely be attending Kids in Motion again next year, and we can't wait!!!

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