Wednesday, December 7, 2011

O, Christmas Tree


We have ordered our Christmas tree from our church for the past two years. I mean, why not? It helps us raise money, and the prices are amazing! There are two set-backs, however, I faced by doing this. 

1. I would like to have my tree set up and to be decorated the day after Thanksgiving. I wasn't able to pick up our tree until today (December 8th). That's a whole week we have missed out on the wonderful smell of fresh evergreen and the enjoyment of admiring our tree daily. However, this is one less week I have to chase Branner away from it...

2. When I went to pick up the tree today (WELL within the listed times we were given), the only person there was a little old lady with back problems. And, there was no twine. What's a girl to do? Well, call her hubby, of course. Barry swooped in in between important meetings and saved the day. I brought the twine. I felt like I helped a little. Debaucle avoided.

I think next year would be a good year to start our "Buy/Cut Our Own Christmas Tree in the Mountains" tradition that I am carrying over from my childhood... Don't you?

Tree pics to come soon!

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  1. Hey! Just wanted to let you know Momsie's site changed to I saw you had the old link on here so I wanted to keep you in the loop :)

    ps. I want to cut our own tree down too one year! I know of a good cheap place too!


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