Wednesday, February 6, 2013

22-23 Weeks

Date Night @ 23 Weeks

I'm really closer to 24 weeks at this point, but I am trying to keep tabs on this pregnancy since this blog didn't exist when I was pregnant with B. I think regular jeans are about to become a thing of the past for me in the next week or so.

Weight Gain/Loss: +9 lbs. (Probably around 10-11 lbs at this point)

Maternity clothes? I can technically still fit in my regular jeans. I have to wear them super low, though because of my growing belly, and that is uncomfortable. Luckily, they still fit everywhere, which means maybe I haven't gained much weight all over. I still wear my regular sweaters, loose cut tops, leggings, and workout clothes. I had to buy a couple of new sports bras and workout tops in a larger size (holy cannoli the "girls" are growing). Also wearing several maternity tops (thanks, Sara!), and the pairs of maternity pants I mentioned last week.

Sleep: I'm getting about 7-8 hours a night.

Best moments lately: Branner telling Barry, "Mommy's baby too big to come out of her belly button!" No clue where he came up with that! He hasn't asked either of us where babies come from, so I guess this is just 3 year old logic. We also hung Leighton's new light fixture, and Barry touched up the crib with a new coat of paint. Time to get crackin' on the nursery!

Food cravings: Fruit, spinach salads, sweets!

Food aversions: Sometimes meat.

Gender: Sugar and spice and everything nice.

Pregnancy symptoms: Round ligament pain, lower back pain, frequent bathroom trips.

Exercise: I was really sick last week with a sinus infection, so I had to take some time off from working out. But, I'm back at it with Total Strength, Cycle Strength, and Cardio Dance and still doing my prenatal pilates DVD for at-home workouts!

What I miss: Champagne, red wine, raw sushi, medium rare filets.

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