Friday, April 23, 2010

Nap Time

Sweet Dreams

Mommy's favorite time of day! Branner is really starting to get on a good (in my opinion) sleep schedule! He has settled into napping for 1-2 hours about an hour and a half after he wakes up. He also goes down for about 3 hours in the afternoon. While he's peacefully sleeping, I'm running around the house like a maniac trying to finish up on the many things that need to be done, but never quite marking everything off my list. "I'll get to it tomorrow" has become my mantra of sorts.

On another note, Branner is 15 weeks old today! Who is the big boy in the picture clutching his lovie and where did my baby go? I cannot believe how fast he is growing up! Barry and I are trying to hold onto every moment with our precious little man!

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