Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Teething (boo!), Rolling Over (yay!)

Hanging out, cutting a tooth

Over the past several weeks, we have noticed increased levels of fussiness, drool and pooping for Branner. He is definitely cutting a tooth or two. While this is very challenging because Branner has never been a fussy baby, it is also sad and exciting. Our sweet boy is on his way to completing another milestone--getting his first tooth. It's sad because he is growing up so fast and exciting because we are progressing on our journey to see who exactly Branner is and what his personality will be.

And speaking of milestones, Branner completely rolled over for the first time yesterday! I was so excited and happy that I was with him to experience one of his many "firsts." It makes me very thankful that I am able to stay at home with him right now and that I do not have to miss out on a thing! We happened to be at Barry's office when he did it for the second time, so Barry got to experience the excitement as well! Diaper changes are becoming increasingly difficult, though, because he tries to roll over every time I put him on the changing table!

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