Monday, July 19, 2010

Branner's First Mountain Trip

Vintage Beech Pic

This past weekend, we added another adventure to the list Branner's firsts. We visited my parents at their home on Beech Mountain and were able to escape the sweltering Charlotte heat. It was so nice up there!

We arrived Friday just in time for wine o'clock for the girls/beer thirty for the boys (minus Branner). We enjoyed dinner and drinks outside and went to bed early. Saturday morning, Barry and Branner went for a walk and we all went out to lunch before the boys (again, minus Branner) went to play golf. Gigi, Branner and I trekked down the mountain to Banner Elk for the Craft Fair and a little shopping. We relaxed the rest of the afternoon and waited on the boys to finish golfing before heading down the mountain again to Boone to take Brett out to a belated birthday dinner at Makoto's. Branner was enthralled with watching the hibachi chef do his thing. He now enjoys sitting in high chairs rather than staying in his car seat. He is becoming such a big boy! We went on a family walk Sunday morning and went out to lunch, then hit the road back to Charlotte. It was a perfect weekend with the only minor glitch being I forgot my camera :( See what happens when you have a baby and you try to pack last minute?

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