Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Calm Before the Storm

This week, there's not much going on around our house. B's got school (complete with a puppet performance today, which he loved), I've got some cleaning/organizing/working/exercising to do along with a little volunteering. Other than a haircut/color and a trip to the park, that's all that's on the schedule this week. The weekend's not crazy busy, either. It's nice to have a week/weekend without much going on, because starting next week, things are about to get cray around here!

Next week starts the madness that will be our October: taking dinner to friends who just had a precious baby boy, meetings, Liquor Library, a baby shower for my college BFF, a trip to Asheville for Barry and I, Christmas card/family pictures, a birthday celebration for a sweet girlfriend, the Halloween Hullaballoo at our church, then the big wedding weekend will be upon us, and after that is Halloween! WHEW! This month is really going to fly by.

I think we'd all three better rest up and dot some i's and cross some t's this weekend! I'm so glad I already got B's costume! Now, I just need to finish decorating for Fall...

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