Monday, November 1, 2010

Branner's First Halloween!

Our little monkey's first Halloween has come and gone, and it was a success! It was so much fun to picking out his costume and going to the pumpkin patch. We have really enjoyed "falling" into autumn with Branner. This weather makes outdoor activities so much more enjoyable, and we have been taking full advantage of that! Many trips to the park have been made, visits to the farmer's market have taken place and long walks have been enjoyed. Anyway, on to our Halloween activities...
On Saturday, after a wonderful photo shoot with our friend, Angie, of AC Studios (Branner had his nine month pictures done and we also needed some shots for our 2010 Christmas card), we jumped in the car and headed north on Highway 49 for Gigi and Big Papa's house. Of course, my family (including the Wilhoits) needed to see Branner in his costume! We dressed our monkey up for a few minutes before he got too hungry and too tired so everyone could see how adorable he looked in his costume. After a quick dinner fed by his Mimi, Branner turned in early due to virtually no nap, and the rest of us had a cookout. We love spending time with family in Asheboro!

After a nice morning nap and a quick "tractor" ride with Big Papa on Sunday morning, we hit the road for Charlotte. Several songs and dorky dances in the car to entertain B later, we arrived back to our house just in time for a long afternoon nap before going to the DiProspero's. All three of us had a great time there with our friends. Branner loves playing with Summer and Meadow, and even took his first "steps" behind a push toy! We love hanging out with Vinnie and Tracy and enjoyed the delicious chili they made for us. Thanks for having us, DiPs! Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

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