Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Welcome, June!

I cannot believe it is already June! We welcomed the new month and the promise of sweet summertime (my FAVORITE season) by:
  • Going to the gym/Childwatch.
  • Making a Target run.
  • Taking our first trip (of many) to Sardis Swim and Racquet of the season and "swimming" in the pool. This mostly consisted of Branner playing with the fountain in the baby pool and running in between the two pools designated for those 3 and under.
  • Serving B chicken pie for lunch for the first time, and realizing that he loves it!
  • Playing outside after an extra-long afternoon nap for B. This has been our ritual for a couple of months now when the weather is nice. We pass the time by blowing bubbles, riding in the wagon or cozy coupe, visiting Jake--the dog across the street, creating beautiful sidewalk chalk drawings and exploring the yard.
Looking forward to all this summer has to offer!!!

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