Thursday, September 15, 2011

20 Months

Um, Branner is closer to being two than I can believe! So close, in fact, that we have already picked the location, date and time for his second birthday party and given a deposit. Wow! We've had another fun month between our normal routine, trips to the mountains and starting school. A glimpse into B's life these days...

Likes: TRACTORS, PRESCHOOL, playing outside, Cozy Coupe rides, greenway walks (yay for it being a little cooler now), his teachers, trying to ride Bailey, "playing" with Chloe (him trying to hug her; her running for her life), bubbles, sidewalk chalk, bike rides with Barry, visits from Gigi and Big Papa, playing train (will have to take a pic/describe this later), jumping, running (he rarely walks anywhere), "EL-do" (Elmo), Curious George, Yo Gabba Gabba, Fresh Beats Band (shoot me), building blocks, anything car/truck related, airplanes, doing forward rolls, reading books, laughing, music, dancing, digging through the pantry and refrigerator, kisses and hugs.

Dislikes: Having to come inside from playing outside, being told "no."

Foods he's enjoying: Bananas, strawberries, grapes, everything bagel thins, cherry PopTarts (I give him organic--not much better, but still), mashed potatoes, pizza, fruit smoothies, ham and egg breakfast "muffins," breadsticks, french fries, hamburgers, broccoli, roasted potatoes, yogurt, animal crackers.

Clothes: We are in between 12 and 18 month sizes in pants. 12 months fit fine in the waist but are too short and 18 months are a little large in the waist and length. I have had the best luck with 18 month pants that have the adjustable waistbands. Gap Kids 12-18 months pants are OK for now, but probably won't be after the next month or so. In tops, he can wear 18 or 24 months or 2T. He's between a 5-6 in shoes.

Oh, my baby is growing up! Time to start thinking about another one. OK, thought about it. Not quite yet!

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