Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Teacher Meet and Greet

This morning, I took Branner to meet his teachers. He seemed a little shy at first--didn't want to walk into his classroom on his own, wanted me to carry him--but, as soon as he saw all of the awesome toys and books and the other children, he was fine. He played and played and played some more.

He was enamored with the plastic indoor slide in the room and stayed on that for a while. Not sliding, per se, more like running trucks up and down the slide. Then, of course, there was a meltdown. Another little boy wanted to go down the slide, so I told B that he would have to give someone else a turn. He got pissed. He laid on the floor and cried and flailed about, so I picked him up. He pulled on one of the strands of my necklace, and little beads went everywhere. UGH. Another mom (my new preschool BFF?) helped me pick them up, we got them thrown away, I redirected B's attention and he went back to playing.

When it was time to go, he didn't want to leave! I am hoping when he goes back on Thursday, he will be better since I won't be with him in class. He gets rave reviews when I am not around. He tends to act out when I am there. Fingers crossed for a good first day!

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