Thursday, March 8, 2012

Things I'm Loving Thursday!

It's Thursday (yay, almost the weekend), and time for another list of what I'm loving! Here's what I'm adoring...

...these Current/Elliott Stiletto Jeans in Lemongrass Polka Dot!


...the Essie Spring 2012 Polishes. It's mani/pedi week, and that hot pink (Tour de Finance) WILL be on my nails come tomorrow!

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest


...this delicious, healthy snack I made Branner--Broccoli Bites. I think I've enjoyed them more than he has! Think sausage balls, but good for you!


...the idea of secretly having Branner's teachers (from kindergarten on) sign "Oh, The Places You'll Go" and giving to him upon his graduation from high school. So special and creative!


...the fact that we have a double date planned for Saturday at Leroy Fox with Jen and Trey!


Happy (Almost) Weekend, Friends!


  1. Trev's Mom suggested Leroy Fox for dinner on Saturday! She went 2 weeks ago and said it was awesome--great fried chicken. Have fun!


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