Thursday, March 22, 2012

Things I'm Loving Thursday

Is it already Thursday again? My, my, this week has flown by! I am loving...

...this dress. Cute, casual, comfortable. Can't wait to wear it!

...these turkey burgers. So delicious!

...that this mommy is getting a much needed break tomorrow night! WOOHOOO, spending the night at Stacey's and going out on the town! FUN!

...these craft ideas. Can't wait to make some with B! Looks like a trip to Michael's or AC Moore is in my future!

...that even after a hard day, this little guy's laugh can wash all of the negativity away!

Happy (Almost) Weekend! Barry and I are celebrating this Friday eve by joining the Thompson's at Cantina for a margarita or two and some yummy Mexican food. Olé!

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