Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Bachelorette


Why haven't I done a post on this yet? WHY?! There is just so much great material here. And by material, I mean material for snarky comments and thoughts.

I don't normally watch the The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. But, if you're me and a show is being filmed (only for 10 days, BTW, totally false advertising) in the city in which you live, you feel an urge to watch. Add to that the facts I have several social connections to Emily and we're "friends" on Facebook. Plus, my BFF just had her nails done beside her at "our" nail spa two weeks ago. They talked. Then, I ran into her at Phillip's Place the same weekend. This totally means I'm BFF with Emily now, don't you see? Charlotte's a small "big city", ya'll (yes, we in the south who grew up in small towns consider Charlotte a decent-sized city).

Before I get down to business, I have to say, I like Emily. I'm rooting for her. I just can't refrain from making bitchy comments about the show...

My Observations from the 6/25 Episode In No Particular Order
A blouse, a blazer, shiny lace shorts and...cowboy boots? Huh? WTF?!
How do they find all of these dumb touristy sites in each country to write on/draw on/rub/make a wish/etc. at? Over it.
Are sequins a requirement for every outfit Emily wears? Seriously, the trend has been beat to death on the show.
How many "illegal" visits/chase downs do we need to have? One for each of the final three?
I want to like Jef. I really do. It's his haircut and the fact that he is 27 and rides skateboards holding me back.
Chris is so unattractive. And a whiny douche.
Does everyone from West Virginia have a Southern accent?
John is so freaking boring.
Arie is my favorite. Major chemistry between him and Ems.
Why was she so pissed (for 5 minutes) about him dating one of the (not cute) producers for a hot minute ten years ago?
What the hell went on in that untaped conversation between Emily, Arie and Cassie? Why the hell wasn't it taped?
OK, I like Jef now. Still like Arie better, though.

Would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the show!!!!


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    1. I love him! He's my #2 favorite. Nothing bad to say about him, should have included something nice about him, though!


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