Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer, Summer, Summertime!


It's officially summer! YAY, my very favorite time of year is here! I love to make a bucket list each season of things I'd like to do/take Branner to do/do as a family. We've already spent one week at the beach, but are going to Charleston for a week starting next Saturday. With everything going on with our new house, that might be the last family vacation for a while (other than the week my sister-in-law, Kendra, and I plan to spend with the kids in the mountains). Not to mention Barry is a straight workaholic, so I highly doubt we could convince him to take more than a day or two more off of work, anyway!

To-Do This Summer:

*Go to church more*
*Spend lots of time by the pool*
*Get back to our family tradition of having breakfast at Phil's on Sundays*
*Soak up the sunshine*
*Take naps*
*Take Branner to Tweetsie*
*Go to the Farmer's Market often*
*Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies*
*Try new recipes*
*Make homemade ice cream*
*Take the boat out more*
*Learn to wakeboard???!!!*
*Go on a picnic*
*Potty train Branner (waiting until after move—too much turmoil right now, although he's VERY interested!)*
*Phase out the paci*
*Take Branner to see an outdoor movie*
*Go to POPS in the Park*
*Take Branner to Discovery Kids*
*Take more pictures*
*Look into enrolling Branner in an art class*

I'm sure I will have tons to add to this in the near future. This is just what popped into my head today. What's on your summer bucket list?

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