Thursday, June 28, 2012

Things I'm Loving Thursday

Ahhhh, the Thursday before vacation. Charleston is finally within my reach! I have a million things to get done between now and Saturday, but I cannot wait to get (back to) the beach to feel the sand between my toes and hear the waves crashing on the sand. A few other things I'm excited about this week...

...this pin. I love Summer, dont get me wrong, but how am I supposed to sun myself in 100+ degree heat? I need a portable misting fan.

...this dip recipe from Paula Deen. Definitely plan on trying it next week!


...this necklace. Every time I wear it I get stopped and complimented. I bought it from my friend, Amy's, online shop. Mine is turquoise, and I think I'm going to order pink, too! I bought it to replace my first generation J. Crew bubble necklace that has completely fallen apart. So disappointing! Hope they are better made these days.

{Buy Here in Pink}

...this cocktail recipe. I will be enjoying champers all week at the beach. Definitely can't wait to try this!


Well, I'd better get to packing! Hope everyone can stay cool these next few days!

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