Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We're Moving (!)

Well, y'all, my wish has come true. Of course, not exactly the way I planned it, but it is. WE. ARE. MOVING. To where? Your guess is as good as mine. We haven't found a house yet. What we did find were renters. Yes, we are now landlords. We (finally) decided to wait out the market for a few more years and, in the meantime, to keep our house as a rental property. 

This was all a very sudden occurrence. Barry, as a test, put an ad up on Craigslist late Friday night with a few pictures. By Saturday morning, we had three rental inquiries; one of which wanted to come look at the house ASAP. So, the sweetest, cutest little family came to look. They loved the house. They got back to us immediately. Great, huh?

Well, here's the kicker: We have to be out on the 18th. As in less than a week at this point. CRAZY, right?! It's insane over here right now. Between packing and looking at houses, my head is spinning. We will be moving into a friend's house in the interim (he is temporarily living in Wilmington for work), and possibly finding a corporate rental if we don't find a house we love soon. So far, no luck. But, we have an appointment to see a house in a neighborhood we love tomorrow morning. It's not technically on the market until then, and we are the first ones to see it. I'm trying to stay optimistic. Say a little prayer for us, will you?


  1. Oh my goodness! Y'all are taking a true leap of faith!!
    I like to believe everything happens for a reason (even when it makes absolutely NO FREAKIN sense to us). Sooooo it will all work out in the end....once you get through all the craziness first! Best wishes as you pack up and try to keep your sanity over the next week :)

    1. This is crazy! It definitely has to be happening for a reason is what I keep telling myself. Thanks for the well-wishes :) I need all the positive energy coming my way I can get right now!


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