Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Recap

Well, we're (mostly) moved out of our "old" house. It is currently being cleaned and prepped for it's "new" family. What a whirlwind of a weekend we had! Gigi visited to help us pack, and we are so (so, so, so) thankful! Here's a little glimpse into what our weekend looked like:

  • We packed, packed, packed, then packed some more. I have never been so thankful I clean Branner and I's closets out on a semi-regular basis.
  • Visited our new house! Yay!
  • Met some of our new neighbors. Yay again!
  • Met the current owners of the house. They are very nice! Loved meeting them!
  • Went to dinner.
  • Got some Pinkberry.
  • Had an Emily Maynard sighting.
  • Had a glass of wine with my BFF, Jen.
  • Moved. Moved more. Moved even more.
  • Unpacked things at our temporary home.
  • Made a trip to Walmart. Was reminded why it's been two years since I was last there.
  • Had sushi take-out for Father's Day dinner.
  • Fell asleep during RHONJ.
Whew! Words cannot express how glad I am that we are almost done with move #1. We only brought clothes and toys to our temporary house. Everything else is in storage until our big move; whenever that may be. No later than August 1st is what we've been told.

Poor Barry's Father's Day was consumed with the logistics of the move and the actual act of overseeing the movers. So, we made a family decision that we are postponing our Father's Day festivities until next weekend. Let's face it, for all he does for B & I, the man deserves to be spoiled. We are going to make sure that happens!

Hope everyone has a fantastic week! We're off to the pool to soak up some rays!

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