Sunday, July 15, 2012

Two and a Half

Oh, Branner! Where did the last six months go? How are we already halfway to three (three?!)? It seems like only the blink of an eye has passed since your first birthday party, but alas, it has really been a year and a half.

You are smart. You are feisty. You are silly. You are independent. You are also sweet. You are bold. You are funny. You are amusing. You are loving. You are everything to your daddy and I.

You still love the great outdoors. You love the beach and the ocean and boat rides. You love tractors and trucks and planes and trains and cars. You love to play and do puzzles and read books. You love school and learning. You love Bailey and Chloe. You love to go to the pool. You love to run and jump and march and play. You love Curious George and Nemo and Elmo. You love morning cuddles and nighttime prayers. You love us and all of your extended family members. You love tickles and hugs and kisses.

Sometimes you are whiny. Sometimes you disobey. Sometimes things aren't easy. But, that is life. Everything isn't always perfect. But, you, my sweet boy, are perfect to us.

You bring us joy and noise and laughter. You make us thankful and happy and alive. You make us better people. You help to give our lives purpose and meaning far greater than we could have imagined. 

You are destined for great things, I can feel it in my bones. 

Happy Half Birthday!!!

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