Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things I'm Loving Thursday

How is it Thursday again? Only one more Thursday to go before we close on our new house! SO MUCH to do between now and then. While I'm not looking forward to unpacking our 18,000 boxes, I am looking forward to finally living there and getting acclimated to our new neighborhood and side of town. It's only 6 miles from where we are now, but I'm still going to have to switch grocery stores and Targets. GRRRRRR.

A few things I'm loving this week...

...these knock off bubble necklaces that are on for $19.99!! After my turquoise J. Crew one fell apart, I'm not willing to re-invest $150 for the real thing. I got yellow! You should get one, too!

...this jacket from Zara. DYING over it for Fall!

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

...this! Switch out Zumba for Cardio Dance, and this is my life!

...this recipe. Sounds delicious. I seriously cannot get enough fresh fruits and veggies from the Farmer's Market right now! I also want to get back to having Meatless Mondays. After at least 5-6 months of not practicing, I have added it back into my fitness routine. I didn't realize how much I loved and missed it until I started back!


Hope everyone has a fabu weekend! I have tons to look forward to, hope you do as well!


  1. Eeeeeeek!! Ive been eyeing the faux bubble necklaces on Ebay, but I never have enough patience to enter bidding. I want one NOW!! Thanks for posting this, since these have been on my mind constantly too :)

    1. You have to get one (maybe 2)! WITH shipping, only $22!!!!


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