Sunday, September 12, 2010


Watching football with Uncle J. He wants me to play for State one day!

Best. Nieces. Ever.

I love Aunt Kiki!

Playing with the girls outside.

We really don't sit still for long around here. Maybe that's where Branner gets it from... We are just in from spending the night in Cary and visiting Jason, Kendra, Devyn and Courtney. We also spent our first night EVER away from Branner. He spent the night at Jason and Kendra's and while we opted for a hotel room. He was in very capable hands and had a great time at his first sleepover! His cousins played with him, walked him, fed him, changed him and just loved on him in general. He even decided to sleep through the night (9:45pm-7:00am), which has become a trend the past few days. I sure hope it sticks (again)!

Last night, all the adults went out for a yummy dinner and a few drinks at The Oxford downtown. If you live in Raleigh or visit the area, I highly recommend this restaurant. It has a great atmosphere and the food is amazing! We also went to see Demetri Martin, whose show was HILARIOUS. It was an awesome night and so nice to sleep in this morning.

We all went to church this morning. Barry and Branner went with Jason and Kendra, while I went to Brittany's church for the baptism of Brock. It was a wonderful service and so great to see my best friend and her adorable family! Love to the Laxtons!

Thanks to Jason, Kendra and the girls for everything. We love you guys!!!

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