Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lunch (Or Not So Much)

Lunch is a hit or miss affair at our house. Most of the time, we miss. Branner is really just not into it. Breakfast and dinner are more his speed. He generally eats well in the morning and at night. In the middle of the day, he picks and barely eats anything. I'm not going to be winning a "Mother of the Year" award anytime soon judging by what he had this week...
  • Monday: Two free Harris Teeter sugar cookies while in the store and some Gerber whole grain snack puffs.
  • Tuesday: Iced lemon bread from Starbucks at Target and a few whole grain snack puffs.
  • Wednesday: An apple cereal bar from Trader Joe's. He actually ate the whole thing and pointed to it to tell me it was what he wanted.
  • Thursday: A couple of bites of turkey, half a whole wheat cracker and half a taste of hummus.
And, I already know what he's having for lunch tomorrow. We always get Chick-fil-A after Gymboree on Fridays. So he'll probably have one and a half chicken nuggets and a few bites of fruit. Maybe one day my good eater will return. Sigh. 

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