Thursday, July 28, 2011

Attempting 18 Month Pics

This morning, we met Angie from AC Studios at Latta Park for Branner's 18 month picture session. OOOHHHH, MY! What an interesting session we had! It started out great; B was playing in the park looking absolutely adorable in his (brand new) special outfit. Then, he noticed the sprayground and wanted to check it out. While exploring outside, he fell in a huge mud puddle and black, yucky mud got all over the butt of his jon-jon and all in his shoes. So, we changed him into his bathing suit and attempted to get a few more pics. We'll see how they turned out. Angie says there are a few good ones, and at this age, that is really all I hope for. We didn't get any family shots this time, unfortunately, but I'm just going to be happy with the shots we did get. Gotta roll with the punches when you have an almost 19-month-old!!!

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