Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beach Trip, Part I

Holden Beach, Day 1

Samurai Hair

Playing in the sand!

Toy time!

Pursed lips, concentrating hard!


Evening boat ride

Happy Memorial Day!

Shaved ice
Beach week numero uno of our summer is well underway, and we are enjoying ourselves immensely! There has been lots of fun, lots of sun, and lots of beach playing. We've been on tons of boat rides, relaxed, and put some time in just swingin' away. We've grilled out, lunched out, went on bike rides, and sampled some delicious shaved ice. Gigi left us today, Aunt Kiki arrives tomorrow! Can't wait to have even more fun!

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  1. Fun in the sun....We had fun at Oak Island this past weekend, however got way to much sun...Be careful...sunburns are no fun....enjoy you time :)


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