Friday, May 11, 2012

Fashion Friday--PINspiration

Just a few things I've seen on Pinterest lately that I'm planning to channel using my own wardrobe!

Oh, oh, oh those jeans! They are perfection. Wish I knew what brand they are!

I am basically obsessed with white jeans. I have two pairs: flares and skinnies. I can't get enough of either! I love the bright colors and neutral shoes. Swoon.

Currently searching for the perfect pair of neon pink shorts! Plus, gingham?! PRESH!

I ADORE Blair's style. ADORE. This is actually a dress and skirt combo. She is so creative with her outfits, and is always on the mark. Oh, and, those shoes. Le sigh. Gingham, I love you!


  1. hey Ashley! love Fashion Friday! pretty sure the jeans at top are ASOS.. skinny neon coral $55 have a great weekend! jenna

  2. Thanks!!! I love those jeans. Now, to work on getting a pair of the Miu Miu slingbacks...

  3. those would be nice! probably know this but the girl in the pic is Ashley Madekwe (Revenge) and she has a blog Ring My Bell.. she has great style! you should check it out if you havent already...

    1. OMG! I did NOT know that, & now I'm addicted!


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