Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things I'm Loving Thursday

I should really be packing for our beach vacay, but I couldn't resist to bang out a quick post since I missed this post last week. We're off to Holden for nine days of fun, sun and relaxation! It's our first trip of the summer, and I'm pretty pumped to get away from Charlotte for a hot minute. 

Here's what I'm loving this week... new hair! I went ombré (It's very subtle right now. I have a feeling several days of sun are going to lighten it up some!), and I am very pleased! monogrammed beach hat I picked up from Marley Lilly a few months ago. I heart anything personalized! Can't wait to wear it next week!

...this! Hilarious! I'm sure a lot of y'all can relate!

...this cocktail recipe! Sounds like a great beach drink!

...the Quinoa Salad from California Pizza Kitchen. My sweet friend, Jamie, took me to lunch yesterday. We both ordered this and we both agreed to eat there again ASAP so we can have it again! It has quinoa, arugula, feta, red onion, sundried tomatoes and is tossed with a champagne vinaigrette. DELISH!!!

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Hope everyone has a great day! I'll be back tomorrow for Fashion Friday!


  1. I love Kourtney Kardashian's ombre hair too! Looks great on you!

    1. Thanks, too bad you can't tell at all in the pic, but it's already lightening up some in the sun!


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