Wednesday, August 22, 2012


A random collection of events/happenings at the Kirby house.

We have almost (!!!) rid the house of moving boxes. I think about four remain.

Our master bedroom is on the way to being complete. Headboard installation is Friday! Drapes to follow shortly thereafter!

We're also working on our den. Fabrics have been picked, and we are about to start ordering/reupholstering furniture.

The painter comes tomorrow! YAY!

I am obsessing over antelope carpeting. It's probably unhealthy. I blame Lauren.

I'm getting all of Branner's ducks in a row to start in the Older Two's class the Wednesday after Labor Day! Parent Orientation is next week!

I'll be starting a new placement in Jr League next week, and I'm excited about it!

I've been missing my workout buddy, Stacey :(

We've been acclimating to our new side of town. I haven't switched grocery stores yet, because the HT at Quail Corners is being remodeled and they aren't offering Express Lane services right now. So, I'm floating between the one closest to the gym and the next closest one to home. I'm done with going inside the store! Can't go back once you've online shopped! I also decided that I will not be going to the closest Target after my trip there yesterday. I will switch to Stonecrest. I'm about to start doing the majority of my workouts at Harris Y. I'll never fully leave Siskey, though.

Barry has been traveling a lot on business. It makes us miss him! He's here this week, though, and we're glad!

I just finished Where We Belong by Emily Giffin. Loved it!

We are attending Blake and Lindsay's first wedding shower this weekend! YAY!

What's going on with y'all lately? I'd love to hear any news/happenings!

On a side note, I want to do a giveaway as my 500th post. However, I would really like to get my readership up first. Pretty please with sugar on top, will you follow the site via Google Friend Connect (on right side of blog—where it lists my followers)? 

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