Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Update

New urns. Terrible pic, but you get the idea.

I. Am. So. Tired. 

We have had a wonderful weekend, but we are all pooped! Case in point: Branner slept until 9:15 today. 9:15!!!!!! All y'all with kiddos know that sleeping past 9 is the mommy equivalent to sleeping until noon. It was so nice!

Friday night, we met Jen, Trey, and Saline at Stonecrest for dinner at Smashburger, live music, a little bit of prosecco from Dean & Deluca, and some ice cream. We had a blast! I need to look up and see how much longer they're doing the live music thing, because I'd love to take Branner again! 

Saturday, we also got to sleep in (8:30!!). We did a few things around the house, then hit the road to Asheboro because last night was Blake and Lindsay's first wedding shower! What a great party! Barry and I even made it downtown for a minute after the shower (probably has something to do with why I'm so sleepy today). It was our first time out in Asheboro, which is crazy, but we always stick close to home on our visits. 

We drove back to Charlotte this afternoon, and I've caught up on a few TV shows and lounged while Barry planted in our new front door urns. I have a black thumb, so I leave all of the gardening to him. They turned out great! 

We'll do a low key dinner and probably go to bed super early tonight. What a fun couple of days! I'm pretty sure we'll be staying put next weekend instead of traveling for Labor Day!


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