Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Playing Catch Up!

Things have been a little cray at our house over the past week or so, which means I've been MIA on le blog. We had a jam-packed weekend with me going to Asheboro Friday afternoon, having a girl's night out with my mom and her BFFs at Bistro 42. So fun! Saturday morning, there was a wonderful shower for my future sister-in-law, Lindsay, then I hightailed it back so we could take B to Yiasou (the Greek Festival) to "ride rides." Barry and I had a little staycation for our sixth anniversary downtown. We went to the Panther's game and stayed at the Dunhill. We were too pooped to go to dinner, so we are having an anniversary dinner do-over if I can find a sitter this Saturday! We had a super-fun, wonderful time at the game and the Dunhill. I think I'm going to have to go to more Panther's games this year!

This morning, we had Branner's appointment with his new allergist, and got better news than what I was expecting! We did a blood panel at his pediatrician's office a couple of weeks ago, and the results scared me a little. As expected, he is allergic to shellfish (specifically: shrimp). But, the blood work showed possible wheat, milk, soy, corn, and a few nut allergies. However, I was reassured by Dr. Patel today that we have nothing to worry about with anything minus peanuts...possibly. We need to do an in-office food test where B will eat peanut butter to be sure, but my child won't touch peanut butter. So, for now, we'll just carrying on as usual. I was so happy to hear we don't have to make any diet changes!

For now, we're gearing up for:
  • Picture Day at B's school next week.
  • Dinner with friends on Friday.
  • More decorating of the house. Chairs for the den have been reupholstered and will be here Friday! Next up: drapes and a custom couch for the den; bedside tables, lamps, and artwork for our bedroom; B's big boy room. Eventually: Leopard wallpaper for the powder room and antelope carpet for the den/main staircase runner.
  • Some volunteer work/events for me.
  • A trip to the Grove Park Inn for Barry and I in October for a CMCU board conference. 
  • Blake and Lindsay's wedding in October.
What's new with y'all?!


  1. Glad B doesn't have any other allergies. That's scary. I always worry about that with Ian. As far as what's new here, my little baby is turning the BIG 1 this weekend. No more baby, toddler here we come!

    1. Olga! I can't believe he's ONE!!!! That's huge news! I can't wait to see some pics :)

  2. I can't wait to see some pics of your house. I am so jealous about that antelope runner!

    1. We have a LONG way to go! Working on finishing up the master bedroom and den right now. The antelope runner is a long way off :( We're ripping up the ugly ass current runner and painting the staircase for now. I want to do wall-to-wall antelope carpet and wallow on it all day, I love it so much. HAAHAHA!


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