Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday with The Kirbys

First time wearing these this Fall!

My view at breakfast. Sandwich, sippy cup, trash, IPad, toddler bottom.
Saturday tradition.

We woke up this morning and decided that Bruegger's was a must for breakfast! I also decided that since it was dreary and damp out, today would be a great day to break out my rain boots! After a quick, yummy breakfast, we headed over to Lowe's to shop for mums to decorate our front stoop. And, of course, a little tractor ridin' for B. We made a quick trip to BJ's (which I am loving, BTW), stopped in a furniture, consignment store, and Blacklion, then headed back home. Now, it's naptime, and all three of my boys are snoozing. I plan to relax on the couch and maybe watch a movie! Hope y'all have a fabulous Saturday!


  1. So jealous!! Bruegger's Bagels was our, like, literally every morning breakfast or lunch or curing a hangover stop in college. I miss it sooooo much! Anytime we are in Raleigh, we have to stop to eat there. So simple yet so delish. Glad you can share that love with B :)

    Love your Hunter boots :)

    And dont you love it that entertaining boys is so simple? A lil lawn mower sit... and they're happy. Awesome.

    1. We love Bruegger's! I think we may make that a Saturday tradition. It was all I could do not to go again today!

      Boys are so easily pleased at this age. Driving by a tractor or truck, 5 mins "driving" one at Lowes, getting the cozy coupe/race car shopping carts, or a bike ride, and B's happy as can be!

  2. Oh and sorry for totally having the same background as you. I was ready for a fall change and this is THE ONLY cute fall colored one that suited my tastebuds! I'm ready for Smitten to get their backgrounds back up-- cant find any seasonal ones that arent cheesy :)

    1. Are they STILL down? I don't like this one, it doesn't fit right. I had to completely change all of my dimensions, it will prob take me forever to change everything back once Smitten FINALLY gets their free backgrounds back up on the site!


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