Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Screams, Skippers and Shopping Adventures

What a day, what a day! I had been planning on taking Branner shopping today so that I could get a couple of new things for my birthday. We had a regular, low-key morning. I got a few things done around the house, Branner napped while I got ready, then I bathed and dressed him when he woke up. He rolled around on his playmat while I finished up with my hair and make-up, but became fussy. So, I decided to bring his carseat upstairs for him to sit in, hoping he would fall asleep and we'd leave as soon as I was ready. Branner had different plans. I could tell he was "working something up." Even though I had just put a fresh diaper on him, I took him out of his carrier to change him before we left. When I picked him up, let's just say my hand touched something very unpleasant that had somehow leaked out the side of his diaper and all over his (adorable) outfit. I screamed! Somehow, in the past 18 weeks and 5 days, we have escaped any up-the-back or out-the-side or even bathtub "mishaps". I would like to call today a five-alarm "mishap." It took me FOREVER to get him all cleaned up. About 1,000 baby wipes, another bath, a clean diaper and a new outfit later, Branner was restored to his previous presentable state. We finally made it out the door. Once we got to Southpark, everything went well. I managed to get myself several new things as well as some ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE Trumpette Skippers for Branner. The Skippers are socks that look like boat shoes in assorted colors. I cannot think of anything more fitting or perfect for Barry's son to be wearing to compliment his outfits this summer!

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