Monday, May 31, 2010

Branner's Christening

With Mimi

Yesterday was a big day for Branner! He was christened in our church, Sardis Presbyterian, in front of many of our nearest and dearest. Barry and I are so thankful that our closest family members (blood related and also those who we choose to consider family) were able to make it to witness such an important day and time in Branner's life!

He did great! I think we have a real ham on our hands. Branner ate up being the center of attention in front of the congregation. He was an absolute angel, smiling the entire time. I am so happy that he is offically a child of God and can't wait for him to grow up in the church we have chosen for him and ourselves.

After the service, we hosted a luncheon at our house and had a great time. We hope everyone enjoyed the meal as much as we enjoyed having everyone visit in our home. Thanks again to all who came from out of town and all who attended! We love you all dearly and will post more pics (and probably a video) soon!

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