Sunday, January 16, 2011

Branner's Birthday Party

We held Branner's first birthday party actually ON his first birthday, January 15th (one of the perks of having your baby on a Friday), at my parent's house in Asheboro. The theme: cars. Branner really, really loves the Cozy Coupe he got for Christmas, so it was a good choice. The party started at 4--after nap time. It was really just a drop-in for hors d'oeuvres and of course, CAKE!

My mom, my dad, Barry and I spend most of the day preparing, cleaning and cooking to get ready for the big celebration! We (well, my dad and Barry) even had to salt the driveway because it was still icy from a winter storm earlier in the week. I had sent out about 25 invitations and invited at least 50 people. Guess what? The vast majority of them showed up! Not that I was surprised, seeing as we have the best friends and family anyone could ever ask for! The party was a whirlwind. We posed for a few family pics,

chased Branner around while he played, played and played (with the blinds and toilet paper in the guest bathroom) and visited with his guests, had some yummy treats, watched Branner destroy his cake and opened a mountain of gifts! Branner LOVED his cake and enjoyed opening the first few gifts. Then, the decorative acorns on Gigi's coffee table caught his eye, and he really needed to see what they were all about. We had an absolutely wonderful time celebrating the first anniversary of the best day of our life!
Happy First Birthday, Branner! We love you more than words candescribe and you bring more us more joy, happiness and laughter than we could EVER have imagined!

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