Friday, January 21, 2011

Fun Friday!

What better way to follow up Temper Tantrum Thursday than with Fun Friday?! We have had a much better (and easier for mommy) day today. It only took me about 10 minutes to get Branner dressed this morning and we were out the door without any mishaps. Branner willingly allowed me to buckle him into his carseat and off we went to music time with Mr. Nigel. Shana and Carter met us there; we sang, we danced, we got lost in the sea of (what seemed like) millions of kids and mommies. After a quick lunch and much needed trip to Harris Teeter, we got home right at naptime. Whew!

Now, onto the rest of the weekend. It's just Branner and I until Sunday afternoon since Barry is in Charleston for a bachelor party. Flying solo with a baby is hard work, which is why there is no one I respect more than single mothers! Here's to hoping for the next two days to be easy!!

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