Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend Warrior

Ahhhhh. Branner is snuggled up in his bed (almost) sleeping, the animals are napping, and I am enjoying a sparkling water contemplating just what exactly it is I am going to do this weekend while Barry is away. Hmmmmm. A few ideas:

  • Clean out my fridge/freezer. This is long overdue and will require a glass of wine (or two). This sucks because it will require me taking out trash, which I HATE.
  • Clean out and reorganize my pantry. See above.
  • Upload Branner's birthday pictures. Post them on Facebook and here. Make a photo album of them.
  • Order new bedding for my guest room. The last set I ordered ended up being brown and not white and gray, which is what it looked like in the pictures. SO ANNOYING. But, I have found something else...
  • Look into printing a book of this blog's 2010 entries.
  • Write a blog or two for Modern Parent. Have you liked them on Facebook yet???
  • Find a new book to read.
  • Reward myself for all my hard work with a little online shopping. I'm really good at rewarding myself. Maybe I should start there...

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