Friday, June 4, 2010

Mommy's Morning Off!

Per the picture, when mommy is happy, everyone is happy!

Today was a big day for both Branner and I. It was his first day with his new summer babysitter (and my lifesaver), Lauren. Don't get me wrong. I looooooooooove Branner more than anything, and I am truly enjoying staying at home with him. But 5 months is a long time to go with few breaks. When your family doesn't live in town, babysitters are hard to come by...especially for infants.

After months of doing my mommy job literally 24/7, imagine my excitement for 4 hours off once a week and a few hours on the weekends. Heaven on earth, I tell you! I got to go to the mall and not have to drag out a stroller and 17 pound baby in addition to a diaper bag. I didn't have to pack anything or plan ahead. I got to walk out the door with my purse and nothing else. And, it felt good. Another thing that felt good: getting my OOC eyebrows waxed. Wow. My regular waxer either quit or got fired before my last appointment, and I couldn't seem to find time to reschedule. I feel like a new person with my time off and my perfectly shaped eyebrows!

Things went so well today, that Barry and I have booked Lauren again for tomorrow night. I know, right? What kind of lucky girl am I to get a sitter two days in a row? Barry is the best, that's all I can say!

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