Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pool Time

Playing in the pool with Daddy

After putting in 4 miles on the greenway this morning, Branner and I were hot and sticky. So, when Barry's friend, Robbie, called and invited us to his uncle's house for a pool party, we were all for it! I packed up all of Branner's things (he had his own pool bag), made some bottles, threw on a suit (one piece for now), and we hit the road to Statesville ready for some fun!

Branner had a blast! He loves his fish float! He happily sat in it and seemed to really enjoy being in the water. Looks like he will enjoy the Shrimp/Kippers swim class we are doing in July. We had a great time with Robbie and his family and appreciate them inviting us. Branner and I will be spending some quality time at our pool this week, I do believe!

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